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Clown fish, of Finding Nemo fame, and anemones maintain a unique symbiotic relationship. Clown fish, also known as Anemone Fish, hide in the host's tentacles when threatened, but are not affected by the anemone’s stings that can injure or kill other fish. The clown fish, in return, is protective of the anemone and can ward off some predators that eat anemones. The fish also eats parasites that lodge on the anemone. Researchers believe that clown fish may also feed the anemone through its waste or by literally fetching food.

Only 10 of the approximately 800 anemone species in the world's oceans are known to host clown fish. Most of the 28 species of clown fish are found in tropical regions of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. In U.S. waters, the fish have been found in Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest.

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